About the Laboratory

The Laboratory of Formal Methods, Logic and Algorithms (Formela) is dedicated to applications of logic and discrete mathematical structures in computer science. The main areas of our research include the following:

  • Game theory in formal verification. The interaction between a system and its environment can be seen as a game of two players (controller and environment) with antagonistic objectives. We are particularly interested in games with infinite arenas, continuous-time games, and multi-objective games. We try to understand optimal strategies in these games and invent efficient algorithms for their synthesis.
  • Foundations of performance analysis. Performance analysis measures how efficiently a given system uses its resources. We concentrate on developing mathematical models and algorithms for analyzing and predicting performance of real-time systems.
  • Parameterized complexity and algorithms. The theory of parameterized complexity provides a way to attack many NP-hard problems with algorithms that are efficient wrt. certain additional restrictions (the parameters). We focus on parameterized combinatorial algorithms, algorithmic metatheorems for logics, and complexity lower bounds.
  • Structural and topological graph theory. In the structural graph theory, we concentrate on various kinds of graph decompositions and related width and depth parameters. In topological graph theory, our main emphasis is on the graph crossing number and on planar covers and emulators.
  • Program analysis. The goal of program analysis is to automatically gain some useful information (like the existence of errors or security holes) about a given program. Our research is focused on improving the functionality of basic program analysis techniques, designing new techniques, and evaluating the efficiency and applicability of these techniques.

We run specialized courses and seminars for Bachelor, Master, and PhD students. Undergraduate students are welcome to participate in our running projects. Candidates for PhD positions are welcome to contact senior Formela members.

Working Seminar on Formal Models, Discrete Structures, and Algorithms (FMDSA)

This is the public face of Formela. The aim of FMDSA series this is to provide a forum for visiting scientists to present their work in progress and to develop new ideas in cooperation with their colleagues at FI MU. The emphasis is on emerging topics, recent results, and open problems. The talks are usually scheduled on Mondays at 2 pm and last about one hour, but there are frequent irregularities. All participants are welcome to interrupt the speaker at any time, ask questions and perhaps initiate discussions during the talk (the speakers are warned).

List of FMDSA talks

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