A new paper on VASS MDPs accepted to CONCUR 2023

27 Jul 2023

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A new CONCUR 2023 paper!

The paper "Asymptotic Complexity Estimates for Probabilistic Programs and their VASS Abstractions" by Michal Ajdarów and Antonín Kučera has been accepted to CONCUR 2023.

Abstract: The standard approach to analyzing the asymptotic complexity of probabilistic programs is based on studying the asymptotic growth of certain expected values (such as the expected termination time) for increasing input size. We argue that this approach is not sufficiently robust, especially in situations when the expectations are infinite. We propose new estimates for the asymptotic analysis of probabilistic programs with non-deterministic choice that overcome this deficiency. Furthermore, we show how to efficiently compute/analyze these estimates for selected classes of programs represented as Markov decision processes over vector addition systems with states.


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